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If you think bulk SMS marketing is somehow obsolete, you might be thinking about your marketing strategy wrong.

Using SMS to directly text message customers is a very practical way to communicate directly with new information and offers.

SMS is a very simple format, and it’s wise to limit the verbosity of messages that you send. One of the best bulk SMS marketing tips is to always keep it short and sweet. If you’re passing along this week’s specials for a restaurant, try to stick to the handful that you want to promote and the types that you would expect to wow a customer.

Customers love to receive SMS tips about a variety of things. Remember, if a customer has signed up to receive messages, they’re already very involved in your product or service. The most important thing you want to do is focus on that particular type of customer. 

Things that are ideal for bulk SMS text messaging are:

  • Appointments e.g. annual, or monthly appointment reminders for dental or medical checkups, or auto-mechanic service
  • Food/drink specials e.g. daily or weekly special offers from bars, restaurants, cafes
  • Special offers/competitions: e.g. limited time special discount offers for product and service sales
  • Status updates e.g. auto-mechanic updating customer when servicing has been completed, shop updates customer when the status of purchase order has changed

Getting started with bulk SMS

  1. Choose a bulk SMS provider

Most popular CRM systems already include a way to plug-in modules to handle SMS campaigns, so the biggest thing you need to get started is to find a capable bulk SMS provider. This means finding a firm that can handle the volume of traffic that you require at a price that’s appropriate to your needs. You should also ask the provider how much overhead for growth each plan offers and how overages are handled.

2. Integrate bulk SMS provider

While integrating the SMS solution with your website is the cleanest solution, even if the SMS provider does not integrate with your website, it might still be possible to use it if it has its web interface that you log on to and upload your number list too. Always discuss these potential problems in advance and be wary of providers that dismiss your concerns by saying they’ll deal with issues as they come up.

3. Send bulk SMS

Once you have everything plugged in and tested, it’s time to send that first text! One of the best SMS tips we can pass along is to make sure that the first message is polite and explains why the message is being sent. Once you and your customers are on the same page, everyone will find that SMS is a great way to keep up-to-date regarding deals, appointments, and critical information.

Bulk SMS marketing is still viewed as one of the newest ways of marketing tools especially due to the benefits it has.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with social alerts from friends, family, work, and brands. Because of these disruptions, many disable notifications for email and other social networks. If you want to market in real-time, you need to send a text message with BroadNet Technologies. You need to try bulk SMS marketing!

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