International Bulk SMS Messaging Service Provider, Reseller UAE - BroadNet Technologies

Unmistakably, mobile phone communications have changed the scene of communication to a spectacular level. The degree of convenience and easiness as a result of the modern-day mobile phone communication is beyond comparison. However, the point not to downplay here is that there is a wide range of complications and hassles while getting access to a large number of customers when sending them SMS messages via mobile phones. At the crossroads, there is one very helpful solution i.e. SMS Gateway , a surefire and one-of-a-kind tool, which addresses all hurdles and complications by delivering text messages to them very easily and instantly via a single click.

SMS Gateway is a great and trusted way to send SMS and connect your targeted audiences with your business. SMS Gateway Tool is known to push and pull SMS facilely over manifold channels from a specific network. BroadNet Technologies’ SMS Gateway Software tool can be either used on the internet or integrated into your website or application, or be unswervingly used on Excel by fixing a plug-in to your Computer without opening the browser for sending out text messages. This tool also works very well in marketing a business online. As a result of its amazing effectiveness, the power of SMS Gateways is harnessed by a range of businesses for the website promotions, for sending automated verification codes from web to mobile, for sending class schedules, parent notifications in school, giving updates, transactional or payment messages, etc. These days, even a wide range of government sectors is using bulk SMS gateway to reach out their experts, volunteers and widely even to citizens.

Savvy internet marketers are always searching for cutting-edge techniques to pay attention to the targeted traffic and SMS Gateway Servers is being exceptionally required to reach customers face-to-face by sending text messages.

“The SMS Gateway we use at BroadNet Technologies has a very good service speed in terms of delivering your SMS in the twinkling of an eye! Also, the tool drives the SMS advertising campaign with a scalable interface that can be instrumental in enhancing the volume of SMS push and we give 100% guarantee that the tool will maintain the users’ data in a safe and sound fashion. The SMS gateway updates delivery report right away on sending the text messages. What’s more, the tool keeps a tab on the plan discreetly and gateway (promotion or transaction) wise delivery report updates, so you can be aware of the clients,” said Rabih Farah, CEO and Founder of BroadNet Technologies.