BroadNet Technologies, an overriding and marquee Telecommunication and IT services providing Company, is delighted to announce the release of two of its new online payment methods i.e. PayPal and Skrill. With the launch of the new online payment methods, the company is now very hopeful of making the payment more effortless, secured and fast for business.

Rabih Farah, BroadNet’s Founder and CEO, is in high spirits and believes that the online payment methods will be very instrumental in facilitating our global clients who are interested in purchasing our Telecommunication and IT services/products. With that said, they can experience the process of making the payment like shooting fish in a barrel and without any problem.

Rabih quotes, “In fact, some of our global customers were experiencing problems over the time what went before when it comes to making payment online. With that said, we finally resolved to choose the two leading payment methods, which are Skrill and PayPal. PayPal is already a real smasher worldwide in terms of making payment worldwide while Skrill is also fast setting a record for its masterly performance in the world. With the release of the two payment methods, not only it will be instant for the customers to purchase our services, but it will also be quite easier than ever before to do so”.

He further adds, “With the fast increasing competitive scenario, we are now achieving the next higher level of threshold that will revise the way consumers go about their day-to-day payment needs. We are delighted to announce that we are actively paving the way for our customers to harness the power of online secured payments over conventional payment solutions to ensure faster and more expedient transactions.”

BroadNet’s new payment gateway is, by long odds, a great way for the worldwide customers to make payment online easily and instantly. This program will also be instrumental in operating the businesses more effectively and smartly.