BroadNet Technologies, the paramount IT and telecommunication service provider, launches cutting-edge SMS Verification System, which is an optimized form of unified API. The unified SMS Verification System API is designed to facilitate end-user verification and two-factor authentication (2FA) for web-based and mobile app-based accounts in a sincere effort to put an end to fraud and account compromising activity. BroadNet Technologies utilizes a state-of-the-art verification technique, which enables a configurable workflow to resolve the optimum grading of varied verification techniques – choosing between SMS, voice or push notifications.

“While fraud on the World Wide Web continues to move up increasingly, it has become the need of the hour to authenticate the identity of those who register and access online accounts,” said Rabih Farah, Managing Director and founder of BroadNet Technologies. “Our smartest and optimized SMS Verification System has the competence to exploit the comprehensive power of our website’s product portfolio with an exclusive API. The upshot is that our end users can verify end users and bring the account compromise to a standstill in real-time and in the most dependable, cost-effective style available.”

With BroadNet’s Smartest SMS Verification System, developers can:

1. Build regular combination of Bright Worflows

2. Cut Down Deceptive Activity Mightily

3. Manage Verification Costs 

4. Gain Improved Visibility 

In addition, the developers using our SMS verification system are entitled to get access to a worldwide support network and industry know-how, via BroadNet’s “Smart SMS Verification Services”. This client service comprises integration most favorable gimmicks, user experience consulting, credentials and continuing 24/7 global support.

BroadNet’s Smart SMS Verification System services are available today from all over the world and can be effortlessly added to new or existing Web and mobile app-based interfaces.