BroadNet Technologies, the forerunner of IT services, is proud to launch the Mobile Ecommerce App for iOS and Android operating systems to cater to the needs of the existing and evolving ecommerce businesspersons excellently.

These days, mobile apps are ubiquitous and extensively used by every user from different walks of life. In every way, these apps are helpful to users to cater to the needs easily and effectively. It is all the way the effectiveness and easiness of the apps that spark the attention of the users to use them. With this in mind, E-Commerce Mobile Application cannot be an exception. Ecommerce apps help the customers to find the business with great easiness. After all, viewing and buying the products with a single touch on the Smartphone is the easiest job.

“We’re excited that our innovative ecommerce app is a great way to help the targeted audiences reach the ecommerce store. Considering the plethora of benefits ecommerce mobile app offers, BroadNet Technologies has finally released the first-rate and optimized mobile ecommerce app for the ecommerce shoppers to give them a world-class experience. Our app is furnished with amazing features such as a store locator, proximity notifications for offers and events in the stores close at hand, and a barcode search that will aid the shoppers effortlessly discover and order supplementary sizes and colors of a style that are hard to be found in the store. The app is again a blessing for the shoppers by giving them the complete access to their account and helping them monitoring the points and redeeming awards for the use both in the app too.” Said Rabih Farah, CEO of BroadNet Technologies.

The ecommerce application is available in multiple international languages thus enabling people from different international locations to stick to the stores easily. The platform supports a variety of payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal and so on. All in all, the app is a complete solution for ecommerce users.