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SMS Gateway service is of a huge significance to your business mightily considering the effectiveness to help you reach out to your targeted clients in a relatively personalized and effective fashion. The service establishes a great connection between the businessperson and the targeted audiences in the world of text messaging. Bulk SMS Gateway is typically used in two different ways: Transactional and Promotional SMS services. We at BroadNet Technologies offer bulk SMS Gateways services including its two aforesaid different types. Let us descend into the details of these two major gateway types briefly as follows:

Transactional SMS Gateway

As far as transactional SMS gateway is concerned, its use is extremely useful in sending a wide range of SMS alert messages. With Alert SMSs, organizations can send all key notifications to the targeted public. For example, railways typically use Alert SMS for sending PNR status; banks and other financial organizations use it to give information to the customers about the status of their accounts and other odds and ends. Likewise, educational institutions utilize the service for sending critical notifications to students and parents.

Promotional SMS Gateway

On the other hand, Promotional SMS Gateway is used typically for marketing something. SMS marketing these days is undoubtedly all the rage among the mass of businesspersons from different walks of life. At BroadNet Technologies, we offer our award-winning SMS Gateway services on a shoestring. Our Bulk SMS Gateway is rated among the best Gateways of the industry. Our cutting-edge Bulk SMS Gateway is the right choice for easily reaching out to a slew of targeted audiences right away. Also, with the Gateway, it is possible to enable enterprises to explore messages fitting their needs to a nicety.

We also offer SMS Gateway API for integrating our bulk SMS services into your code.

Here is the range of benefits of using our prized SMS gateway:

Hassle free to use

Very reasonable cost

A simple way to reach out to targeted clients

World-class business marketing

Instant alerts



With that said above, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that SMS gateway is all the way versatile. The spectrum of benefits it offers is beyond comparison. With each passing day, an increasing host of businessperson from all over the world is using the service to integrate it into their business. Adding one to your business activities is certainly a noble step to ensure unrivalled success.