BroadNet Technologies, the leading bulk SMS marketing company, over the years, has evolved to become the most sought-after SMS gateway provider in the UK, UAE, Middle East and various Asian countries. The underlying features of BroadNet Technologies for example creating a wide range of marketing lists, scheduling SMS, handing over opt-out keywords, receiving prompt replies etc. have made it a rage among all types of businesses, that are looking to reach their target audience via text messages.

Over the last few years, SMS Marketing: has gained a substantial momentum among businesspersons in the UK, UAE, Middle East and various Asian countries. These days, a range of businesspersons from all walks of life is harnessing the power of SMS marketing when it comes to widely circulating the news of the release of some new products and services and pulling in potential customers mightily. At BroadNet Technologies, we have designed features that help companies to achieve their marketing goals and by way of our gateway, our clients can send bulk messages to the target audience right away. We do our best to meet the needs of the clients satisfactorily

Considering other salient features of our Bulk SMS include sending a range of SMS all over the world, helping with Unicode characters, sending made-to-order messages, effortlessness to load contact numbers of contacts from Excel spreadsheet, sending a mass of SMS worldwide, add or copy and paste numbers manually and the easiness to save sent messages. As a result, our SMS Gateway offers a plenty of Benefits such as prompt income generation, trivial disbursement, extended benefits and potential new development for one’s business.