At BroadNet Technologies , we help you to get the maximum rewards for the efforts you make. We pay attention to place the mobile customer at the nucleus of our philosophy to optimize the users’ experience, whereby creating and backing up upper-levels of revenue from your mobile app traffic.

We implement a tried and tested strategy to drive the targeted and appropriate ads to mobile users to help fend off any type of compromise on the app experience. And it is not an out of the ordinary thing to set up Monetization For Apps , as ads are hassle-free and ease of use to manage. By the way, we utilize market-leading reporting tools to keep an eye on revenue streams and performance.


We are blessed with a team of proficient campaign and account managers who put a choice of branded mobile ad campaigns. These are coupled with maximum fill-rates in order to get the maximum potential from your traffic. The same is carried out by working unswervingly with advertising partners.

Our state-of-the-art technology and clear-cut optimization system help our publishers immensely in garnering and capitalizing on the wide range of benefits out of their traffic.

This technically directs to the statement that a copious traffic goes forward to work harder for you. We can offer competitive CPI’s too!


Our dyed-in-the-wool support staff is dedicated to ensuring that your app marketing campaigns will be an unequivocal success and well served. Our know-how is authentic and multi-lingual. We are increasingly making a global presence to help you facilitate the operation of App Monetization with full confidence and offering utmost competence and fantabulous user experience.