Unsurprisingly, mobile devices/networks have become widespread in the telecommunications world, although the role of SMS is also prodigious for every enterprise. This gives the inference that SMS is fast becoming a hassle-free and a powerful way to reach target audience of a business

We at BroadNet facilitate you by giving the mention of four key steps to help you choose the right SMS service or provider:

Step 1. Research & pick out

As you conduct a search using the keyword “SMS” on the leader of search engines, Google, it will enable you to get the list of all SMS providers in your area or nation. You will find a legion of providers in the market but most of them run in reseller models so that may fail to deliver you value from first to lost or even dependability is the great challenge in case of many of those. Directly connecting to Mobile operators is an improved way to go if you have volumes in million per month or billion on a yearly basis. In general, financial banks and enterprises unswervingly associate with Mobile operators.

Here are a few questions you should ask your SMS Gateway provider:

  • What is the cost for a single SMS to send?
  • Is there any hole and corner cost?
  • Is there any minimum purchase or monthly usage requirements?
  • Expiry of SMS packs.
  • How dependable the SMS provider’s network coverage is?
  • Is the SMS gateway provider’s API well-documented and user-friendly? Is there any sample code provided?
  • What modes of payment does the SMS gateway provider offer?
  • Does the SMS gateway provider offer any free SMS messages for testing?
  • Does your SMS application entail 2-way SMS messaging services?
  • How superior is the SMS gateway provider’s support service?

Step 2. Test the Service

Step 3.  Try to negotiate the SMS rates

Step 4.  Integrate into your system

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