10 Jan 2016, Broadnet, an established leading service provider of Bulk SMS services and solutions is glad to become a proud member of the GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association), the leading association of the universal mobile operators and associated companies that endorse the standardizing, implementation and marketing of the GSM Mobile telephone system.

Although Broadnet formally secured the Proud Honor in August 2015 bestowed on by the GSMA, but only recently this year they have officially endorsed the laurels to the utmost pleasure and satisfaction of Broadnet. As a result of achieving this milestone, the Bulk SMS Company is of greater distinction now and feels more confident to offer its extremely rich Bulk SMS services on an international level, conforming to the GSMA standards.

“We are straining our nerves with the view to enhancing our international partnership and have sparked the interest of a host of leading global organizations, which are hopeful of partnering with us because of the diverse array of benefits they perceive. Achieving GSMA membership emboldens our confidence to give an appealing shape to the future of Mobile Networks. This distinction will work effectively in expanding our existing business and creating new avenues with international brands”, said Mr. Rabih, CEO and founder of Broadnet.

He further adds, “We make sincere efforts to be at the cutting edge of the Data and Cloud connectivity revolution. It is today an open secret that international, consistent and universal connectivity is turning up a very big thing. We try our best to make this shifts easier by giving a faster, more appealing and more courteous customer experience and that all in compliance with the GSMA standards consistently. We strive our best to make the Bulk SMS more and more feasible and convenient for our potential worldwide partners and clients. The GSMA membership that we have achieved will serve an important role to our commitment to offering a first-rate and more effective mobile Bulk SMS Services”.

BroadNet is also in high spirits to exhibit a very special event of MWC (Mobile World Congress) organized by GSMA. This event will take place on 22nd February 2016 and last till 25th of the month at the venue Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain. As usual, every individual dealing in mobile communication industry is invited to participate in this Special GSMA MWC event and grace it wondrously.