December 26, 2015 – Broadnet, with full zeal and excitement, launches a spectacular restaurant mobile app for all gourmets having a special penchant for foods and drinks–it’s absolutely a one-of-a-kind app that will wow restaurants owner! The basic idea behind the creation of the app is to help restaurant owners to provide another way for their consumer to orders while on the go and select the menu they want to have. The app is beneficial to both consumers as well as owners- It gives easiness and facility to the consumers and in case of restaurants owner, it opens the door for earning better revenues and provide better services to customer by the Restaurants.

Undoubtedly, the level of convenience to manage online order via Restaurant Mobile App Backend Management is beyond compare-Just call for demo to see whether it fits your restaurant and customer’s needs. However, we at Broadnet are more than hopeful of the surety that the app will wow your Business and give your ability to sever 200% more than your capacity. The fun part again is that the app is elegant and super useful restaurant mobile app is compatible with Android & iOS mobile Platform.

While the Restaurant Mobile App designed by Broadnet is multipurpose, it offers the following catchy features:

  • Browse and select menus LEBANON
  • Menus are grouped into categories
  • Select food variants
  • Send orderings to backend
  • Integrated Map of Your Restaurants
  • Customer Can Easily Contact Via Mobile
  • Cash on Deliver
  • Buyer can login, register and view order history
  • Build in SMS Integration System
  • Run SMS Marketing Campaign
  • Admin can view dashboards which are number of orders by day, week, month and year
  • Push notification of order status to Customers
  • Android: tablet supported
  • iOS: iPad as iPhone x 2

“In today’s fully engaged and cut-throat environment, what most Restaurants Owner craves for is having a mobile app that can help him/her increase number of order , Customer base and Revenue .We have strain every nerve to make the app so easy, helpful and blindingly fast so that it will turn up the go-to app for planning out a meal. Broadnet’s official staff and its customers will definitely approve it and sing its praises and we are hopeful that the tool will spark the attention and interest of other targeted customers to check out the app”, said Mr. Rabih, CEO at Broadnet.

Available for download in Demo Version currently at Broadnet’s website, Restaurant Mobile App is an ultimate tool for Restaurants Owner to maximize their sales in unlimited fold.