Broadnet is thrilled to announce its opening in a new area, bringing the latest innovation of the SMS service into town. BroadNet is launching a new SMS adventure of success in its new branch in Egypt.

Life is always full of surprises! Twists and new opportunities. Just over 17 years ago, Broadnet Technologies had its first branch in Lebanon to pursue and experiment with the power of the SMS service. Years and years have come by to ensure the development of Broadnet Technologies in which it has now 8 branches around the world and willing to grow more. This makes BroadNet one of the leading SMS companies in the world, and this achievement is a testament to our commitment and dedication to providing our clients with exceptional services and long-lasting partnerships. As a leading

telecommunication company, BroadNet is constantly working to grow and improve its products and services in cooperation with our clients.

We are very pleased and proud to announce our opening branch in Egypt. We would like to inform you that we are offering the Egyptian market now a new way of innovation and growth of its companies and establishments. We have plenty of success stories in the rest of our branches that we are glad to experience the same with this new branch in Egypt. 

The Egyptian market requires SMS marketing specialists to get a high-quality SMS service in return. Broadnet Technologies strives its best to make the Egyptian various companies adopt its SMS service for them to prosper and maintain their fullness.

Broadnet Technologies is offering the Egyptian market its expertise in the SMS innovation. These SMS services and feature are of a benefit for the company itself and as below:

  • A2P SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • SMSC Gateway
  • SMS Firewall
  • HLR Lookup
  • SMS reseller Program

 All based on globally recognized standards and technical frameworks.

Broadnet Technologies is thrilled to share this breakthrough with partners who are willing to invest their time and expertise in this SMS service that will surely help their company’s outbreak their target. 

Egypt! Here we come with our full excitement to establish long term relationships with Egyptian local businesses and international ones. 

About: With over 17 years of experience as an SMS providerBroadNet is a prominent global business messaging solutions provider and a GSMA membership. And it’s more than blissful to take a part in the Egyptian market to share its innovation and gain the opportunity to inaugurate long-term fruitfully work in this area.

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