Bulk SMS is the most effective form of online marketing these days. Surveys show that people are looking at their mobile phone for 365 days a year, use the Internet or SMS to send, receive messages from their recipients. Text messaging is extremely popular in the telecommunication industry. A monthly average of 40 million European companies takes help of bulk SMS Marketing to send SMS messages to their customers.

Why should you choose A2P SMS Messaging system?

  • Personalized contacts with customers
  • Direct marketing campaign
  • The best price/valuable marketing
  • Immediate feedback, effective branding

Why choose our offer?

  • The company’s specialists oversee 0-24 hours of sending SMS system
  • A proprietary system offers the cheapest price rates
  • SMS transmission system supports the latest cloud server
  • Messages that we send to open up 97%

Fast and effective A2P SMS Gateway!

A2P SMS Gateway system enables customers to send the SMS instantly and effectively. This is a simplified function, the perfect choice if you want to send a marketing message to the customer base in a small range.

How is the scheduled SMS helpful?

The Bit SMS addition to instant messaging also ensures the massive number of scheduled transmission services. You have the option to set the date and time when the message was sent, the sending upload information from Excel or CVS format.

This feature is largely useful for:

  • Business partners, clients live in a different time zone
  • Weekends, on holidays, you want to send a message to non-working days
  • You want to surprise your partners or clients with personalized birthday, name-day greetings

Through our world-class A2P SMS service, you can send personalized SMS to specified worldwide recipients. The service is suitable for special offers, coupons, rebates sent out, a way of addressing the recipient’s name, making mobile marketing effective. An effective form ofBulk SMS sending direct marketing at the same time, facilitate the internal work of the corporations. Our company is active 24/7 to help the customers send all SMS to their global customers. 

On the whole, SMS bulk marketing is one of the most cutthroat mobile marketing strategies to help you engage with customers and ultimately enhance revenue. With this in mind, you must consider choosing BroadNetA2P SMS services that will not only carry out the job excellently but deliver an astonishing ROI that helps in ensuring improved margins. 

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