What are the advantages of SMS marketing in medical industry? Does it offer any yield? We take a look!

The Benefit SMS Marketing yields require no introduction. It offers a number of standalone benefits such as instant deliverability, flexible platform, instant opt-in, opt-out, higher open rate. It is reliable, eco friendly and has limitless possibilities.

There are a number of ways SMS marketing works in the medical industry. If you are from the industry, these tips can help –


Patients often forget the due appointment date, and therefore to make them remember and retain their loyalty to you; sending a text message with the information regarding the appointment help!

Operating times

Letting your patients know of the times they can make an appointment and can see their doctors and telling them of the holidays is an excellent way to develop a loyal and trusted relationship with your audiences


When you send how to articles in short, text format with links to articles on a website or any other virtual source, they read and find it meaningful. You can even Use text message to inform your audiences of doctor’s visits, cancellations and provide them with meaningful advices

Test results

You can alert your prospective audiences about their test results with the help of a message. You can inform them that the results are ready and they can collect it.

Special offer

You can alert your customers of special offers. If your audiences are visiting your chamber frequently, you can segment them and then offer great discount

Check up

Reminder for check up can let them feel you are prioritizing their health; which is good.

So, developing engagement is easy with SMS.

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