The advantages of SMS authentication are tremendous, that’s why SMS OTP is widely considered to be a solid form of verification.

SMS authentication—also identified as SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) and SMS one-time password (OTP)—A form of two-factor authentication, it often serves as a second verifier for users to gain access to a network, system, or application, and is a good first step toward better security. 

Let’s first get an understanding of how SMS authentication works and the pros of using SMS OTP.

Interestingly, this kind of authentication is pretty simple and can be easily implemented. After signing in, the user receives a text message with an SMS authentication code. All they need to do is enter that code on the app or website in question to get access. You’ve probably experienced this yourself in your daily life when logging in to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other services.

As a possession-based factor, SMS authentication confirms a user’s identity based on something they own (i.e., a mobile phone). This combines an extra layer of security with a login.

Following the know-how of SMS authentication, it’s essential to identify the pros of SMS OTPs

While it’s frequently advised to move away from SMS authentication, there are a few main reasons why people and businesses continue to use it:

  • SMS OTP is more secure than passwords alone: Passwords are naturally weak since users tend to forget them, recycle them across various accounts, or have them stolen due to poor storage practices (e.g., writing them on a sticky note). SMS authentication helps to minimize our dependence on passwords and makes it more difficult for accounts to be stolen or hacked.
  • SMS OTP is more Convenient: One of the reasons users recycle passwords is because of the sheer volume of online accounts they create and manage: our research shows that people have to remember 10 passwords every day. SMS authentication removes this annoyance as it sends unique codes directly to the user, which they can then easily input on a website or app to verify their identities.
  • SMS authentication is by far better than no 2FA: Establishing an identity with more than one piece of information is always going to be more reliable than backing it with a single factor. SMS authentication, therefore, is a safer option.

SMS OTP solutions are better than having no authentication in place at all, and it’s pretty important to implement it for the security and reliability of the information.

Securing the data of your users is extremely essential for all companies taking digital data seriously. Accordingly, SMS authentication significantly limits the possibility of an account being hacked is a multi-factor authenticator (MFA). Finally, it’s advised to choose Broadnet SMS OTP for safe and easy authorization, our SMS Authenticator service helps you in adding SMS messaging as a strong and safe factor from authorizing users in the logging process.