SMS Marketing has been an essential part of the marketing campaigns of most major companies worldwide, in the past decade or so. This is not expected to change any time soon, with the user’s reliance on their mobile phones becoming more notable than any time before.

Today’s market is all about outperforming competition, as the top brands battle with each other to gain more customers and consequently increase their sales. There is no doubt that SMS Marketing is the pioneer in today’s strategies and is set to remain as valuable in 2019.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why:

• Mobile-friendly: It is absolutely fundamental for any service, application or website to be mobile-friendly and mobile-compatible in 2019. There is nothing that matches these criteria more than SMS messaging, since by definition, they were created to be used via mobile users. Whether the recipients have internet connection or not, they will still receive the SMS message and be able to view it without any problem.

• Open rates: Despite the emergence of other marketing platforms such as email marketing, all stats confirm that SMS messaging possess the highest open rate for messages, and by some distance! As a matter of fact, around 97% of messages are read within minutes or hours of being successfully received. If you want to market a product or a service, you also want to make sure that the recipient you are targeting is actually taking the time to read the content of your message.

• Fast delivery rate: There is virtually no waiting time for your SMS messages to be delivered. If you are in a hurry to market a product or service, or to announce a deadline, an event or an urgent alert, you want your message to reach its destination as soon as possible. Marketing on other platforms mean that you have to spend the day praying that your target customers do log in to their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account and that they actually spot your post between hundreds of others. But with SMS Marketing, this is one less thing you have to worry about.

• Flexible and customizable: One of the best and most beneficial characteristics about SMS is the fact that it is so user-friendly due to how customizable and flexible it has the potential to be. You can indeed use SMS Marketing to announce a sale, a discount, reward loyal customers or promote new products by using your clients’ name in said message – which gives them a feeling that they are being valued, and therefore strengthening customer engagement.

• Reaching a wide demographic: Most SMS service providers nowadays have a gigantic database that by far exceeds a company’s, not just in terms of geographical locations but also in terms of filtering possibilities, from age to gender to profession and so on. Dealing with BroadNet gives you the possibility to market your product in front of millions of new potential customers, especially in Lebanon, KSA, UAE, Egypt and more.

Last but not least, it is important to note that BroadNet Technologies guarantees an extremely efficient and timely service for any of our potential clients. Get in touch with us and let’s help you implement your SMS Marketing strategy!

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