If you think SMS marketing was just for announcements and confirmations, think again!

Plenty of companies make frequent use of SMS marketing for the grunt work of announcements and confirmations – with good reason. Everybody’s got a cellphone, and most keep it close 24/7.

The simple messaging service also acts as a sidekick to your email or social media campaign. Enough with the preamble, let’s see some ideas!

 SMS marketing is a key factor in your business success. Grow your business now with SMS through its key features: Emoji, media links, and customization.

  1. Use SMS as your benchmark for reaching all bases

Any cellphone, anywhere in the world, can receive text messages. If you’re campaigning to a broad demographic, or across borders, sum up your key offer in 160 characters and include SMS broadcast on the media plan.

It’s cost-effective, and text messages have high open rates, meaning you’ll boost awareness even among those not able to take up your offer right now.

  1. Use SMS to determine which of your customers are still engaged with your business

Customers treat SMS as deeply personal. So a simple request – “Hi X, get 50% off of your next meal when you show this message!” – can get terrific response rates. It’s an effective way to keep your lists of users up-to-date and honest, saving on admin costs and white mail.

  1. Use SMS to send offers to your customers – not only rewarding them but also reminding them about your business

SMS is an effective medium for businesses such as outlets or trade stores. It allows them to make timely offers and the response rates can be amazing. In the UK for example, retailer Marks & Spencer use SMS marketing for its dine-in-for-two meal offer… and guess when they send their texts? That’s right: when busy commuters are leaving work.

  1. Integrate SMS with your email campaigns and your e-commerce

Don’t make those 160 characters do all the work. Including URLs encourages subscriptions which can eventually be made into a conversion. Furthermore, your total customer view will be improved through incorporating SMS into your email and e-commerce sales as it allows you to track the customer’s activity back to the SMS.

  1. Run customer surveys that aren’t too big to swallow

Fewer customers than ever engage with long survey forms. A program of SMS messages staggered over a few hours can elicit better information… and superior response rates.

Why? Because a concise question with a few easy multiple-choice options takes far less customer effort than going through a questionnaire… and they can answer that message anywhere, anytime. ‘Just message us if you like this option!’

  Our SMS module can also easily transfer customers between and to other communication channels within your organization

Finally, the impulse on using SMS marketing is growing, it’s important not to miss out on what could be a very profitable means of communication with your clients, and you can make the most out of your SMS marketing experience.

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