Bulk SMS marketing allows businesses to capture the attention, loyalty, and action of the customers they care about the most.

 People across all demographics reach for their phones dozens of times per day, opening a key opportunity for businesses and brands to reach the people who matter. Mobile technology continues to evolve, as we see the development of VR, Rich Communication Services, Voice Search, and more. However, SMS marketing firmly perceives the lead as the favorite communication method of key customers over methods such as PPC or email that brands typically spend more time, money, and effort investing in.

With impressive open/response rates and favorability among customers, today’s most successful businesses see these SMS marketing key statistics that may surprise you.

  1. SMS marketing sets marketers up for other advanced mobile opportunities

Mobile Marketers are on average 79% more likely to use other mobile-specific marketing tactics if they employ SMS marketing strategies. 

This is because companies that embrace SMS marketing quickly see the effectiveness of SMS marketing tactics and understand the receptiveness of their audience to the medium, informing marketing strategy all around.

  1. Utilizing short links in mobile marketing campaigns can boost conversion rates

Branded vanity links get up to 39% more clicks than generic short links. 

Branded links achieve higher CTR than generic short links because they mark the message as being directly related to your brand. Branded links become particularly important with text messaging campaigns for security and reassurance reasons. 

  1. More than one-third of the world’s phones aren’t “smart enough” for advanced mobile-marketing

Over 35% of phone users in the world are best reached by SMS text messaging. While iPhones and Androids seem ubiquitous in major cities today, it’s important to remember that nearly half of all cell phone users in the world do not own a smartphone.

  1. SMS open rates beat email nearly 5x over

90% vs 20% – Open rate of SMS compared to email open rates (Source)

Compared to email, SMS text messaging boasts a considerably higher open rate. This reflects most customers’ opinions of texting as a more trusted, personal way to communicate and receive marketing offers. 

  1. Response rates to bulk SMS marketing are 7.5x higher than email

The response rate of SMS text message marketing is 45% vs email response rates at 6% 

Not only are your customers more likely to open marketing offers and communications via sms text, but they’re also more likely to interact with you when you communicate via SMS messaging.

Bulk SMS marketing statistics prove that texts motivate conversion through your sales funnel from the top-down.

Bulk SMS marketing is a free easy win for marketers to complement existing marketing strategies and engage their customers in an empathetic way.

With our expertise at Broadnet Technologies, mobile communication doesn’t have to be complicated. When you need a response from customers, why wouldn’t you use the messaging platform that’s getting results? And with the development of RCS, Rich Media, and iMessage, you can increasingly provide the functionality and interactivity of an app or email via the tried-and-trusted format of a text.

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