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So you have a mobile app and it is slated for the release sooner or later. By long odds, you will be aspiring to make the app a real success in the market with maximum downloads by the targeted users. However, for freshman app developers with less or nip experience in the domain, it will be an out of the way as well as quite hard for him/her to augment the engagement and increase the App Downloads, particularly more if they do not have the nitty-gritty of the game. Before you set out to promote your app, it is well recommended to contrive some of these strategies very well to ensure the same will spawn buzz and urge customers for downloads – you may wonder to witness how well the strategies actually work.

1. Email Marketing: Enhance Your User’s Base Remarkably

Email marketing can make a big difference to engage your business with your existing targeted audiences and urge them to take actions. The mechanism will result in Increasing The App Downloads and engagement process. By dint of email marketing, you are at a great convenience to give alerts to your existing user’s base about add-on downloadable content, contests, exclusive events, and so on. Another great way to make the most of these emails as a platform for acting together with your users, for example, is by adding a guest section where your targeted users write up an immediate segment on how they are using your app. Through email marketing, you can make sure that your app stays atop of your users’ minds.

2. Guest Blogging: Enhance Your Reach by Influencing Other Bloggers’ Targeted Audiences

Have the ambition to enhance the base of your targeted users? At this point, guest blogging is a dominant audience-building strategy that you can maximize to enhance right away the number of people who have come to know about your app somehow. Guest blogging is again a great way to help you get in touch with the renowned bloggers in the industry you deal in and suggest them an idea for a blog content that you want them to create. Guest blog content is a boon for you as well as bloggers. Through guest blogging, your bloggers will have quality-oriented content that they can offer to their subscribers. It is the thing for you because you gain access to a targeted audience you may not otherwise be able to get at. Simply ensure that when you touch base with the bloggers with guest blog requests, you can distinctly show them that you are rendering an out-of-this-world experience for readers that they will have a hard time to find. Bloggers typically feel an instinctual urge to protect their targeted users, and an outright “Hey there, can you promote my product/service?” pitch will stumble upon as discourteous.

3. Social Media: Choose Two Prominent Social Networks and Add Appropriate Content to Them

Social media can be a very good source for generating user engagement and driving downloads, but it is also a strategy that only a few developers are able to utilize the right way. Social media is not the thing for sales pitch – it is a place to where you can engage with your audience. Platforms such as TwitterPinterest and Facebook are the places where people often get involved in communication, so invite people into a conversation by sharing content they are concerned about. If you are going to release a mobile app for business, share content about varied business types and the way they evolved.


Developing an app is not a bed of roses but requires constant efforts as well as creativity at the end of the developers. However, once your app is all set to release, it is a must that you invest time and energy into marketing it well. With a strategic marketing plan, you can look forward to making your app a real smasher in the preliminary stages of its release. We at BroadNet Technologies urge you to try out the aforesaid three strategies and you will wonder to witness a significant improvement in the increase of app downloads and user’s engagement.