SMS marketing trends of 2021 brings your business the utmost benefit of being the pioneer in your field.

SMS marketing has been there for decades but is it still relevant? SMS marketing can boost your sales & conversions even through other marketing channels when you know how to link it to your other media platforms and benefit from its features.

Year after year, technology has become our only concern, and by the evolution of technology, we witnessed the evolution of the SMS.

To keep up with this trendy world of technology we live in, here are Top 3 SMS Marketing Trends of 2021.

To start with SMS Marketing Is Going To Be The Leading Direct Marketing Channel.


With mobile devices surpassing all other electronic devices and people depending on them so much, it’s a huge opportunity. Companies can craft creative SMS campaigns to promote sales, offers and share important business news.

In 2021, we notice that brands are looking to bind up SMS marketing with other marketing channels, where they can promote more freely, as there are only so many messages you can send to a customer without annoying them since the customer nowadays is pretty bombarded by all the ads appearing on social media, billboards and so on; which implies that SMS marketing is the greatest direct mobile marketing channel at the moment. Consumers don’t want to download tons of apps on

their devices nor to stay up on their social media feeds checking offerings. In fact, they often remove the ones they don’t use much which makes their attitude towards SMS stay positive.

To kick off again by stating that SMS Is Going To Offer More Conversions:

In 2021, marketers are more working on writing SMS content that includes coupon codes from their company, links, and CTAs to make the consumer take action immediately or even after a while.

One of the most important trends in SMS marketing is using SMS to drive sales and traffic to websites by sending links in the text. You can send a link in the SMS asking your customers to use it to give you feedback or to check the offerings within the site.

To resume with the trends of 2021: SMS Marketing is winning over Social Media through its Personalized and Customized feature.

Most of the companies have their own database now like – birthday, anniversary and general favorites of their customers and it is time to use this data in SMS Marketing.

In 2021, the data is being used to form a personal bond with the customer and strengthen brand loyalty and sales.

Customers of 2021 will be waiting for this kind of affiliation to a certain brand. They want to feel loved by their own favorite brand which makes them urge to receive personalized SMS that shows the company’s interest in them personally.

Benefiting of SMS marketing in 2021 is a must if you want to keep up with the upcoming trends of mobile marketing.

Mobile devices are an integral part of people’s lives which makes the marketer’s task always be to develop hand-in-hand with up-to-date trends. As the world moves towards mobile devices, it is especially important that marketers know SMS marketing trends and aim to comply with them since it is what brings the most results today.

Broadnet is always keeping up with the trends of 2021, so benefit from our expertise NOW to follow a strategy that will take your business to another new level.

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