International Bulk SMS Messaging Service Provider, Reseller UAE - BroadNet Technologies

BroadNet Technologies, a premier global IT-based company announces the release of comprehensive and more effective Bulk SMS Services for the global clients. The bottom-line of the upgraded services is to kick the business upstairs. The Company offers smart and available products to both the end users. We utilize cutting-edge Bulk SMS tool for our users, which remarkably helps them in composing and sending bulk text messages to a plethora of mobile users in a few winks. 

The group messaging tool we have is again the thing for our users to help them in delivering unlimited text SMS to worldwide mobile phone users having no internet connection. Now it is possible for you to effortlessly send text message, SMS business

Group messaging application allows users to deliver unlimited text SMS to global mobile phone users without using any internet connection. Now whether you want to send SMS, business updates, latest offers, job alerts, or some other useful notifications, you can do that all at most reasonable price rates 

At BroadNet Technologies, we offer bulk SMS tool, which is compatible with all types of mobile operating systems such as Windows, Blackberry, Android, and GSM. You can use the tool for multiple devices and USB modems for creating and sending unlimited text messages to a throng of targeted people. 

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