Top 5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is better than Email Marketing

By BroadNet

Oct 10, 2017

When it comes to SMS marketing, marketers often get confused between two viable alternatives - one, whether to begin SMS over email and two, how to effectively use any of the one.

To begin answering the question, we must know the benefit of email marketing. Email marketing is a crucially decisive form of marketing, and has been used by a number of reputed firms worldwide because of its reach, targeted audience marketing campaign and effective positioning. But if you compare email marketing with that of SMS marketing; you can very well understand the benefits of using SMS over any other forms of marketing.

Pinpointed marketing

SMS marketing is effective because it gets read. An email might however gets unread because it might land in the specific spam folder of the recipients.

Less of spam

People who want to receive SMS usually read them, but given the volume of emails and format of the communication, it is a fact that they might treat so many emails as spam.

Higher CTR

When it comes to clicking through rate, SMS is the clear winner. It is because people whom you send the emails, they do not necessarily have the time and patience to go through the entire email and then click on the necessary link. On the contrary; when it comes to the SMS, people would quickly read the link because it is short and simple.

Smart and simple form of communication

SMS is quick, smart and simple. You do not necessarily need to rely over any complexity. The most important messages are thoughtfully communicated over a few important words. So, people do not necessarily need to wait long and they can quickly reach at the conclusion.

Quality over quantity

As mentioned earlier, SMS is a form of communication; which is direct and clear. SMS campaigns can be carried out specifically twice or thrice a month, whereas when it comes to email marketing, you need to generate report and based on the attitude of audiences, and there is not straight forward answer as to how many campaigns can you generate.

Other than the above-mentioned points, another reason for which SMS campaign is better than email marketing campaign is that it is affordable. Given the prestigious reasons for which SMS is getting popular and brands are increasingly using it today!

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