Indicates the encoding scheme of the short message.

Namespace: Broadnet.SMPP.Common
Assembly: Broadnet.SMPP (in Broadnet.SMPP.dll) Version: (


public enum DataCodings
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration DataCodings
Visual C++
public enum class DataCodings


Member nameValueDescription
Default0 SMSC Default Alphabet (0x0)
ASCII1 IA5 (CCITT T.50)/ASCII (ANSI X3.4) (0x1)
Octets2 Octet unspecified (8-bit binary) (0x2)
Latin13 Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1) (0x3)
OctetUnspecified4 Octet unspecified (8-bit binary) (0x4)
Cyrllic6 Cyrllic (ISO-8859-5)(0x6)
LatinHebrew7 Latin/Hebrew (ISO-8859-8) (0x7)
UCS28 UCS2 (ISO/IEC-10646) (0x8)
DefaultFlashSMS16 Flash SMS
UnicodeFlashSMS24 Flash SMS with Unicode characters (0x18)
Class0240 Message Class 0 (0xF0)
Class1241 Message Class 1 (0xF1)
Class2242 Message Class 2 (0xF2)
Class3243 Message Class 3 (0xF3)
Class0Alert8Bit244 Class 0 Alert 8bit data (0xF4)
Class1ME8Bit245 Class 1 ME specific 8-bit data (0xF5)
Class1SIM8Bit246 Class 2 SIM specific 8-bit data (0xF6)
Class1TE8Bit247 Class 3 TE specific 8-bit data (0xF7)

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