Public classBatchMonitor
Public classConcatenation
Represents concatenation parameters
Public classDestinationAddress
Represents SME address or/and Distribution name
Public classMessageComposer
Helps to assemble concatenated messages
Public classReceipt
Represents Delivery receipt
Public classSequenceGenerator
Public classSmppClientBase
Base class that provides common members for SmppClient and SmppServerClient
Public classSmppErrorEventArgs
Class that provides event data for errors occured during process SMPP messages
Public classSmppException
Public classSmppServerClient
Represents remote client on the server
Public classTLV
Represents TLV (Tag, Length, Value) format for optional parameters.
Public classTLVCollection
Collection of optional parameters in TLV format.
Public classUnsuccessDestinationAddress
Represents SME address or/and Distribution name to which submission was unsuccessful
Public classUserData
UserData class contains the user data of PDU
Public classUserDataHeader
Represents GSM User Data Header information in the short message user data.
Public classUserDataHeaderCollection
User Data Header Collection




Public enumerationAddressNPI
Public enumerationAddressTON
Public enumerationCommandSet
The CommandSet identifies the type of message the SMPP PDU represents,
Public enumerationCommandStatus
CommandStatus of an SMPP message response indicates the success or failure of an SMPP request.
Public enumerationConnectionMode
ESME may bind to the SMSC as either a Transmitter (called ESME Transmitter), a Receiver (called ESME Receiver) or a Transceiver (called ESME Transceiver).
Public enumerationConnectionStatus
Client connection status
Public enumerationDataCodings
Indicates the encoding scheme of the short message.
Public enumerationDestinationAddressType
Identifies whether destination address is a Distribution List Name or SME address.
Public enumerationGSMSpecificFeatures
GSM Network Specific Features (bits 7-6 of esm_class)
Public enumerationInformationElementIdentifiers
Identifies Information Element in the User Data Header
Public enumerationIntermediateNotification
Intermediate Notification (bit 5 of registered_delivery)
Public enumerationMessageModes
Messaging Modes (bits 1-0 of esm_class)
Public enumerationMessageState
States for a short message.
Public enumerationMessageTypes
Messaging Types (bits 5-2 of esm_class)
Public enumerationNationalLanguage
Public enumerationNpi
Numeric Plan Indicator (NPI) used in the SME address parameters.
Public enumerationOptionalTags
Identifes the Tag field that used to uniquely identify the particular optional parameter
Public enumerationSMEAcknowledgement
SME originated Acknowledgement (bits 3 and 2 of registered_delivery)
Public enumerationSMSCDeliveryReceipt
SMSC Delivery Receipt (bits 1 and 0 of registered_delivery)
Public enumerationSubmitMode
Identifies the way how to send multi-part text in the SUBMIT_SM PDU.
Public enumerationTon
Type of Number (TON) used in the SME address parameters.