The ISmppMessage type exposes the following members.


Public propertyClient
Public propertyCommand
Gets or sets type of message the SMPP PDU represents.
(Inherited from ISmppHeader.)
Public propertyConcatenation (Inherited from IConcatenation.)
Public propertyConcatenationKey (Inherited from IConcatenation.)
Public propertyDataCoding (Inherited from IDataCoding.)
Public propertyLength
Gets the overall length in octets of the SMPP message. The SMPP message header (including the command_length field itself), the mandatory parameters and the optional parameters are all considered.
(Inherited from ISmppHeader.)
Public propertyOptional (Inherited from IOptionalParameters.)
Public propertySequence
Unique sequence number. A sequence number allows a response PDU to be correlated with a request PDU.
(Inherited from ISmppHeader.)
Public propertySourceAddr
Address of SME which originated this message.
(Inherited from ISourceAddress.)
Public propertySourceAddrNpi
Numbering Plan Indicator for source.
(Inherited from ISourceAddress.)
Public propertySourceAddrTon
Type of Number for source address.
(Inherited from ISourceAddress.)
Public propertyStatus
Indicates the success or failure of an SMPP request.
(Inherited from ISmppHeader.)
Public propertyUserDataPdu (Inherited from IUserData.)

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